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We protect your interests

Landlords and real estate agents don't have to worry about tenants who fail to show up
Tenants don't have to worry about being scammed.

Scam-Free Renting

We reduce your chances of being victims of fraudsters who pose as overseas landlords who ask for a deposit using wire transfer and then disappear with the money.

Compensation When Things Go Wrong

If the tenant fails to turn up at your rental property or cancels the reservation at the last minute, we will pay you a one-time compensation of 80% of your monthly rent.

Secure Payments

We process all payment of deposits through our secure system, making sure your money doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Messaging System

Communicate with tenants and landlords easily with the built-in messaging system. You’ll receive an email notification when you have a response in your message inbox.

Content Moderation

All public listings and content checked and approved by the friendly, polite people at Boxyroom to ensure that no offensive or irrelevant junk content are shown to you.

Anti-fraud Systems

Our advanced, proprietary back-end tools weed out fraud and work to keep the community safe from scammers.