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Simplify your life

We are changing the way you find and reserve a long-term rental space in another city. Reserve online and arrive directly at your rental space.

Sit Back and Relax As Landlords and Real Estate Agents

Compensation When Things Go Wrong

If the tenant fails to turn up at your rental property or cancels the reservation at the last minute, we will pay you a one-time compensation of 80% of your monthly rent.

Know Your Tenants

It is important to find the suitable tenant for your rental space. You can screen all potential tenants with the mandatory pre-tenancy applications.

Complies with Local Laws

When you sign the rental agreement with the tenant, you will ensure that the agreement document and standard checklists comply with local laws.

No recurring Fees

You don’t have to pay anything until your property is successfully reserved. We charge a reasonable one-time fee of 10% of your monthly rent.

No Listing Fee

As a landlord and real estate agent, you can list as many properties as you wish. There is no expiry date for all your listings. The best thing: it’s totally free!

Easy As 1-2-3 for Tenants

Move In Directly

Instead of checking into a hotel at the destination and start to look for a place to stay, you can now easily search and safely reserve your rental space.

Peace of Mind

Boxyroom’s scam protection process makes sure that the deposit stays safely with us until you’ve happily move into rental space. Scammers have no chance of cheating away with your money.

No Booking Fee

Pay nothing to secure your property! Simple search, apply and reserve. To help us cover financial charges, we will add 3% to your deposit.

Legal Agreements

Unlike short-term accommodation rental websites which allows rentals without proper agreements, Boxyroom is a matchmaker to connect tenants with legitimate landlords. We encourage both parties to enter into a legal rental agreement compliant with local laws.

Money-Back Guarantee

In case you’re unable to move into your reserved rental space due to cancellation or misrepresentation by the landlord, we’ll refund you 100% of the deposit.