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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Boxyroom?

A: Boxyroom allows you to reserve your overseas rental space in foreign cities securely from the comfort of your home.

Q: Why Boxyroom?

A: Having lived temporarily overseas in the past, we understand the frustration and fears of finding a suitable place to stay before one leaves home. We often ended up staying in a hotel at the destination for a week to search of a rental property. This wastes time and money. We're here to help.

Q: What's so great about Boxyroom?

A: As a tenant, you can

  • reserve your ideal rental space totally free!
  • get back 100% of your deposit if the landlord cancels your reservation or misrepresents the description of her rental property.
  • sort out all your housing needs before arriving at your destination. No more holing up in hotels just to find a suitable rental space.
  • avoid handing the deposit to potential scammers who pose as landlords.

    As a landlord or real estate agent, you can
  • list your rental properties for free, for as long as you wish.
  • screen your potential tenants so that you select your most suitable tenants.
  • receive money when the tenants fails to turn up or cancels her reservation.

Q: How does Boxyroom work?

A: See How It Works

Q: Is Boxyroom safe?

A: We are committed to protect all our users from fraud. All payments are made through Paypal, the world's most popular online payment service.

Q: What is Paypal?

A: Paypal lets you send and receive money over the Internet securely. Sign up for an account at

Q: Do I need to pay to use Boxyroom?

A: It's free to sign up, search for properties, post as many properties for as long as you want. We charge landlords and real estate agents an administrative fee of 10% of monthly rent for successful reservations made over Boxyroom.

Q: Is the deposit paid to Boxyroom considered my first month rent?

A: Yes.

Q: Are you international?

A: Yes. We go as far as the Internet reaches.


Q: Why can't I find any property listings in my destination?

A: There's currently no property for rent in that city.

Q: What does the tenant do with the confirmation code?

A: Once you're satisfied with the property and have signed the rental agreement with the landlord, hand the confirmation code to the landlord or real estate agent.

Q: How are tenants protected?

A: Your deposit is held securely in Paypal and will only be released to the landlord or real estate agent once we verify successfully the confirmation code given by the tenant. This means that

  • fraudsters can't escape with your money.
  • landlords have the incentive to provide truthful information about themselves and their properties.
  • you get money-back guarantee. We'll return your deposit if the rental fails to take place.

Q: How to confirm my reservation?

A: After the landlord or real estate agent accepts your application, you need to pay a deposit through Boxyroom using Paypal. Once we receive the deposit, the landlord or real estate agent will be informed to reserve the property for you.

Q: How much deposit do I pay?

A: One month of listed monthly rent. We will add 3% to the deposit as transaction fee.

Q: Where does my deposit go to? Does it go to the landlord or real estate agent directly?

A: Your deposit will be kept in the safe hands of Paypal until you move in. We'll release the deposit to the landlord or real estate agent once she enters the confirmation code given by the tenant.

Q: Is the deposit considered a security deposit?

A: No. You need to pay the landlord the required security deposit upon signing the tenancy agreement.

Q: What if I can't contact the landlord just before I leave home or after I arrived?

A: We'll disclose the contact information of the landlord upon receiving the deposit. It is important to make proper arrangement with the landlord regarding arrival and transport details.

Q: What to do if I'm unhappy with the property after I arrived?

A: Negotiate with the landlord or real estate agent to reach a compromise or decline to sign the tenancy agreement. If you decide not to move in, contact Boxyroom Customer Care.

Q: What should I do when I arrive at the rental property?

A: Get in touch with the landlord as soon as you arrive at the destination. Make sure that there's someone to receive you at your rental property before you set off from the airport or train station.

Q: Can I cancel my reservation?

A: Yes. Cancellation fee applies.

Q: How much is the cancellation fee?

A: US$50 plus 80% of deposit.

Q: How do I get to my rental property?

A: Check with the landlord or real estate agent for the best way to reach the property.

Q: How do I know the landlords and properties are genuine?

A: Boxyroom makes all efforts to ensure that first-time listings are genuine. Positive reviews of landlords and listings are good indication of authenticity. Landlords are encouraged to submit documents (such as untility bills, phone bills and city council registration) to proof that the landlord and property are real.

Q: After paying the deposit, do I still need to sign a tenancy agreement with landlord?

A: Yes. The landlord will state all the terms of rental in the tenancy agreement.

Q: Can I get my money back if the landlord cancels my reservation or if the property is not what is described?

A: If the rental is unsuccessful due circumstances beyond your control, contact Boxyroom Customer Care immediately. We'll investigate and give you a full refund if the circumstances are found not to be in your favour.

Q: What do I do if the property I reserved is already occupied when I arrive?

A: Contact Boxyroom Customer Care immediately. We'll help you find an alternative property or give you a full refund.

Q: Can I change my arrival date?

A: Yes. Do maintain the most updated arrival date in your profile. This will help the landlord to prepare and welcome you.

Q: I've changed my mind. How to reserve another property?

A: You'll need to cancel the existing property and resubmit an application for another one. Cancellation fee applies.


Q: How to list properties?

A: Sign up an account. List your properties.

Q: What does the landlord or real estate agent do with the confirmation code?

A: Log into your Boxyroom account and select the property for which you've received the confirmation code. Select 'Enter code' and fill in the code. Boxyroom will verify the code and release the deposit to you.

Q: What information do I provide in a listing?

A: To increase your rental opportunities and ensure that all parties of the rental deal is happy, you must describe your property as accurately as possible. You can also upload photos and videos of the property and surroundings. The more information, the better.

Q: Can I list more than one property?

A: Yes, you can list as many properties as you wish.

Q: How to list if I want to rent out multiple rooms in one property?

A: You can create a listing for each room easily using the duplicate function when you create a listing.

Q: Can I edit or delete my listings?

A: Yes. Log into your account. View your properties. Select the property to edit or delete.

Q: What happens to my listing after it's rented out?

A: As soon as the tenant pays the deposit, the listing of that property will be disabled and won't appear in search results.

Q: Can I relist the same property for a future period?

A: Yes. You can relist your property anytime.

Q: How are landlords or real estate agents protected from last minute cancellations?

A: We guarantee tenants' commitment to rent once they pay the deposit to us. If tenants cancel their reservation, you'll receive 80% of deposit .

Q: How much is the administrative fee?

A: One-time fee of 10% of monthly rent.

Q: Can I screen potential tenants?

A: Yes. By reviewing the tenant's online pre-tenancy application form, you can decide to approve or reject her application.

Q: Do I need to provide the tenancy agreement?

A: Yes. You need to prepare a tenancy agreement and other documents, according to your local regulations.

Q: How do I collect the security deposit?

A: You collect the security deposit from the tenant upon signing the tenancy agreement.

Q: When do I get paid?

A: Within 48 hours after you enter the confirmation code in your account to withdraw the deposit.

Q: How much do I receive from Boxyroom?

A: You'll receive the deposit minus one-off fee of 10% of monthly rent.

Example 1:

Assuming monthly rent is $800 and rental period is 4 months.

Deposit = One month rent = $400

Boxyroom fee = 10% of $400 = $40

Payout = Deposit - Fee = $400 - $40 = $360

Example 2:

Assuming monthly rent is $1,000 and rental period is 12 months.

Deposit = One month rent = $1,000

Boxyroom fee = 10% of $1,000 = $100

Payout = Deposit - Fee = $1,000 - $100 = $900

Q: How can I be sure that I'll be paid?

A: Contact Boxyroom Customer Care if you didn't receive your payment.