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What we do

Boxyroom helps you to find your ideal rental space in a different city or country when you’re temporarily moving for work, studies or even play. Online rental frauds are happening everyday on the Internet. So it is important that you stay safe while you reserve your rental space in foreign cities.

Once you have secured your rental space with the landlord, you can move into your new home as soon as you arrive at your destination. No more wasting time and money staying at hotels or hostels with your luggage to start hunting for a suitable place to stay.

The Story

It all started when the founder's friend rented a flat in Paris for 6 months using Craigslist to attend a culinary course there. He paid one-month deposit of 1,200 Euros to the landlord directly and was asked to show up at the rented apartment on the agreed arrival date. Once he got there, the apartment was owned by someone else and not for rent. The fake landlord was uncontactable. He was stranded in a foreign land with nowhere to go.

We knew there’s a better way to rent a long-term space overseas. The idea for Boxyroom was born.